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Gaeta - Monte Orlando


What to do in Gaeta? Not only beach and sea

Once you’ve arrived in one of the most visited touristic destination in the pontine area, one question must be asked: what to do in Gaeta?

Well, sea waters are amazingly clean and the beaches, seven in total, are beautiful but, there are many other things that can be done in this little town.

What to do in Gaeta – Sport Life

If you are a sport fan, then Gaeta is the ideal place to spend your holiday, whether it will be short or long.

Besides the traditional beach volley, beach soccer or beach tennis, extremely widespread and practised in every beach club, there are many other sport activities that can be done in this lovely town.


Gaeta’s sea beds are stunning and renowned for their biodiversity. From the Split Mountain to the Turk’s Cave, from Punta della Trinità to the so called Cigliatina, sea beds are ideal for diving and snorkelling. The most evocative location? Well, the area between the Turk’s Cave and Punta degli Aguzzini: a mysterious hollow, which penetrates deep into the mountain, like a tunnel to be explored.

Free climbing

The cliffs in Gaeta are very famous all over Italy and it’s not surprising that every year, during every season, hundreds of climbers want to conquer unexplored peaks.

The areas most loved by climbers are the Split Mountain, Sant’Agostino and the Arenauta Cave, provided with tracks for both amateurs and professionals.


For those who like hiking, Gaeta has much to offer: a pleasant walk starting from the Angevin Castle, reaching the peak of Monte Orlando. It is an hour walk, also suitable for those who aren’t well trained.

During the walk, is also possible to visit the Caroline powder magazines, the Museum and the Sanctuary of the Split Mountain. Around Ulysses Riviera there are many tracks that can be chosen in accordance with the level of training. Going south, towards Formia, there are other interesting tracks on Monte Redentore.

Electric Bicycles

It is becoming more and more widespread in Gaeta the free e-bike tour, an excursion riding a free electric bike, with tour guides that explain the major attractions in different languages. Thanks to pedal assistance, long distances and difficult uphill become easy. Also available for more trained people, mountain bike and city bike ad hoc tours.

What to do in Gaeta – Young People

Besides the beach, the sun and the number of restaurants, Gaeta offers many clubs where young people can spend the night waiting for sunrise while drinking a good cocktail, dancing and spending a good time with some friends

For this reason Gaeta is the ideal destination for groups of friends. Most of the beach clubs located in Serapo become, after sunset, open air discoes, while all the other clubs offer music and lounge bar until late.

Along the Flacca state Road, going north, towards Sperlonga there are other clubs like Il Fortino, Valle Corsari or the Tiberio Club.

What to do in Gaeta – Cultured People

For those who are passionate about history and culture, Gaeta is one of the most renowned destinations in south Lazio.

Gaeta, also known as the town of the 100 churches, because of the number of antique and of high value religious buildings, offers an incredible variety of monuments.

The Angevin Castle, the Caroline powder magazines, the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity, the Mausoleum of Lucius Munatius Plancus, the remains of the villa owned by the Roman Consul Gneo Fonteo and Tiberius Villa, located in the adjacent municipality of Sperlonga.

What to do in Gaeta – Events and Entertainment

Events and entertainment in Gaeta come in all shapes and sizes.

During the winter time, Tales of Light (November 3rd2018 – January 22nd2019) attract thousands of visitors coming from every part of Italy, while in the summer time a large number of events are organized by the municipal administration and by local associations.

Among the most popular ones, not to be missed the Virgilio Arena, organized during the week of Ferragosto and the Geata Jazz Festival, which takes place in July.

What’s nice about this small charming town is that Gaeta is trying to develop out of season tourism. What does that mean? It means that if you wish to visit this lovely town during low season periods, you’ll always going to find something interesting to do.

In October for example, in Gaeta two big events take place: Gaeta Chocolate and Gaeta X-Race. While in April thousands of students about to graduate get to the Tyrrhenian Pearl in order to take part to the Youth Festival.

Gaeta also offers lots of events for those who love reading: the book review “Sulla Cresta dell’Onda”, which this year has celebrated its 25th edition, every year hosts among the most popular Italian writers and storytellers.

What to do in Gaeta – for Food Lovers

There are people that travel to practice sports, others that prefer visiting museums, others that simply wish to spend the day sunbathing on a beachbed. But there are also people who want to taste local dishes.

For this category of tourists, Gaeta has much to offer thanks to its restaurants, among the best ones in the area, where you will have the chance to eat fresh fish at good price.

Also, in Gaeta you’ll have the opportunity to taste the Tiella, a special kind of pizza filled with different ingredients, like octopus and local fresh vegetables. You’ll also find the worldwide famous Gaeta olives and obviously, an amazing olive oil. Thanks to the good climate, the town also offers a wide range of vegetables and fruits deliciously tasty and fresh, you’d be spoilt for choice.

What to do in Gaeta?

Well, you just need to ask! In any case, if you don’t like any of the above mentioned activities, you can always take a walk around the town, in the small aisles of Via dell’Indipendenza or along the seafront.

Finally, if you wish to take a look at the surrounding areas, you can always take a Taxi Tour, visiting the other neighbouring towns comfortably seated.


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